FREE Printable Animal Door Signs from Another World

As a family it feels as if our new way of living has been in place forever despite the fact June has crept up on us so quickly! We have spent the past couple of months adapting to this ‘new normal’ and there have been positives and negatives. While it’s wonderful to have more family time, it also brings its challenges.

Our home is small. As my children have become older and spend more time out and about, we hadn’t noticed the lack of space. Now we are all at home, for the most part, indoors, we have had to adapt our home to accommodate its new uses.

What used to just function as a family space, now is work space, school classrooms, a gym and even a café. We juggle work meetings, online learning, Zoom piano, drama lessons and fitness classes and yes, we have unintentionally and frustratingly interrupted each other at times!

One solution which we found helpful was to stagger our children’s schedules. Another was to rethink the layout of our home by creating different ‘zones’ to give each other space to do our different activities. For instance, a learning area, reading corner and game zone.

Identifying and creating your own space could be a fun activity.

With this in mind, I’ve designed some printable door signs for you to download, colour in, cut out, and use. There are six in total, each featuring a different animal – wolf, bear, owl, cat, dog and fox. What areas, zones and corners will you create?

Have fun colouring these in and creating your own spaces.

Stay safe and keep well.

==> Download your FREE Another World Owl, Bear and Wolf Door Signs <==


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