Child centred costume design is at the heart of Another World. Our beautifully handcrafted and easy to wear costumes adapt perfectly to different stories, from traditional tales to new books. They provide an exciting tool for children to express their ideas and learn through story telling and imaginative play.


When my eldest child was in Reception, I made capes for the class to use during a ‘superhero-themed’ week.

I created capes in a variety of colours and designs. They were well received. I was struck by how the children used them to generate their own ideas and characters. Rather than define themselves as obvious superheroes, they created their own original stories.

What I also noticed was the value of children putting on the costumes themselves. The ease of self dressing gave a sense of accomplishment, independence and confidence, enabling the child to manage the process: choosing the costume, working out how to put it on and what character they will be. This was also beneficial to the teacher who could focus on organising the activity and classroom management.

Using these observations and feedback from the children, play therapists and teachers in mainstream and special schools, I identified the importance of the following:

Creative and Adaptable
Adapting easily to different stories and themes in Reception and Key Stage 1, including traditional stories, nursery rhymes and new books or whatever children choose them to be.

Self dressing
Practical, comfortable and easy to put on and take off to encourage independence and worn over everyday clothing or school uniform.

Hard wearing
High quality fabrics and trimmings.


Another World provides an exciting and practical tool for children to express their ideas and learn through storytelling and imaginative play.

A child centred approach is at the heart of Another World by encouraging self expression, being easy to put on over everyday clothing or school uniform, comfortable to wear and well made.

The costumes adapt easily to different stories and themes. Perfect for curriculum learning, school plays and World Book Day as well as dressing up at home.

Handcrafted from high quality fabrics and trimmings in strong, vibrant colours and textures, they are beautifully made with an attention to detail and are designed to last for many years. When not in use, the costumes can fold flat and are easy to store.

All costumes are designed and handmade in the UK and comply with all relevant safety standards.

Sarah Nicholls
Another World

It was wonderful to see how much the children enjoyed the costumes as a tool for their imagination, using imitation, discovery, empathy, confidence building, gender exploration and filling in their own gaps in the story.

Thank you so much for the costumes you have made over the past year. You have created costumes with a great deal of consideration for ease of use for young children, who sometimes find it hard to dress themselves.

Presenting your costumes to class is always exciting and generates anticipation to try the costumes on, and most importantly bring the stories alive. The attention to detail in the costumes and your obvious understanding of young children and what they enjoy, have helped and supported the children’s role play, ability to sequence stories and developed their story language.

Thank you again.

Karina Deputy Headteacher

What I love about your costumes and what I think makes them so unique is that they conjure up stories and characters without being restricted by them, so children can make them into whatever they want them to be. I find them so useful in my play therapy context. The costumes can help the children embark on their own individual journeys in their imagination. This is such a wonderful gift.

In a recent creative workshop for children with hearing and/or vision loss, we noticed how much the children loved freely exploring the costumes and the range of characters who emerged from this process. They stimulated the children’s engagement with follow up creative representations of their characters which they didn’t seem to tire of.

I think the children valued the quality of the costumes. They look beautiful, are immaculately made and are very easy for the children to get on and off. There is a variety of options with a full costume range for children who want this and an accessory range for those who want less.

Thank you, Sarah. These are truly a wonderful resource.

Cathy Play Therapist and Teacher