Spring and Summer Poems for Children

Here are some magical spring and summer poems for children, perfect for celebrating the warmer months of the year!

Poetry, in my opinion, is a beautiful thing for children.

Poems are like glorious bite-sized stories, full of wonderful rhyme, rhythm and language patterns, as well as conveying thoughts and emotions. We always feel something when we read a poem, don’t we?

They build reading, speaking and listening skills, inspire writing, encourage creative thinking and encourage us to imagine new worlds and experiences.

I’ve chosen simple and short poems which are wonderful to share and read out loud with children which is when poetry really becomes alive. I do hope you enjoy these.

Poems for Spring

Spring Song poem by William Blake

Spring is coming, spring is coming,

Birdies, build your nest;

Weave together straw and feather,

Doing each your best.


Spring is coming, spring is coming,

Flowers are coming too;

Pansies, lilies, daffodillies

Now are coming through.


Spring is coming, spring is coming

All around is fair;

Shimmer and quiver on the river,

Joy is everywhere.

Out And About Spring poem by Shirley Hughes with wellington boots, flowers and birds graphics.

Shiny boots,

Brand new,

Pale shoots,

Poking through.

In the garden,

Out and about,

Run down the path,

Scamper and shout.

Wild white washing

Waves at the sky,

The birds are busy

And so am I.

O Dandelion summer poem anon, with dandelion flowers and dandelion clocks graphics.

“O dandelion, yellow as gold,

What do you do all day?”

“I just wait here in the tall green grass

Till the children come to play.”

“O dandelion, yellow as gold,

What do you do all night?”

“I wait and wait till the cool dews fall

And my hair grows long and white.”

“And what do you do when your hair is white

And the children come to play?”

“They take me up in their dimpled hands

And blow my hair away.”

Poems for Summer

Mumbling Bees summer poem by Daphne Lister

All around the garden flowers

Big velvet bees are bumbling,

They hover low and as they go

They’re mumbling, mumbling, mumbling.

To lavender and snapdragons

The busy bees keep coming,

And all the busy afternoon

They’re humming, humming, humming.

Inside each bell-shaped flower and rose

They busily go stumbling,

Collecting pollen all day long

And bumbling, bumbling, bumbling.

Squirting Rainbows by Shirley Hughes with footprints, daisy and rainbow graphics

Bare legs,

Bare toes,

Paddling pool,

Garden hose.

Daisies sprinkled

In the grass,


Bold as brass.

Squirting rainbows,

Sunbeam flashes,

Backyards full

Of shrieks and splashes!

Bed In Summer poem by Robert Louis Stevenson

In the winter I get up at night

And dress by yellow candle light.

In summer, quite the other way,

I have to go to bed by day.

I have to go to bed and see

The birds still hopping on the tree,

Or hear the grown-up people’s feet

Still going past me in the street.

And does it not seem hard to you,

When all the sky is clear and blue,

And I should like so much to play,

To have to go to bed by day?

Hope you enjoyed reading these spring and summer poems for children!

I believe stories are simply magical and have also written blogs on the wonders of nursery rhymes, the magic of stories and storytelling and why traditional fairytales are important.

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